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Forward thinking businesses use our cloud backup service to ensure data reliability and safety.

Nuestros proveedores, nuestra responsabilidad.

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No matter what you're working on, who you're with, or how many of you there are, Landkit can help.


Unlimited Team Size

Landkit works well for a scrappy team of 3 or scales to the enterprise level needs of Forture 500 companies.

Emoji Responses

Instead of bombarding team members with huge messages, simply reply with an emoji to express your reply.


Building a community.

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Seamless integration

Cómo ser nuestro proveedor.

If we're no longer the right solution for you, we'll allow you to export and take your data at anytime for any reason.

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Create your account

Our sign up is dead simple. We only require your basic company information and what type of data storage you want.

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Upload your data

We support bulk uploading via SQL, integrations with most data storage products, or you can use our API.

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Choose where to transfer

Simply select where you'd like to transfer your data and we'll being the process of migrating it instantly.

* Some integrations require a custom API

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Post your home today and start entertaining welcome guests and collecting a paycheck without ever lifting a finger.

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